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About Sanctum Networks

Sanctum is a pioneering solution provider of a reliable, high-performance network service provisioning gateway that supports the world's leading organizations build extremely efficient applications in the domains of Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Virtualization.

Our core products are built on a unique combination of high performance algorithms and a wide of choice of hardware platforms that abstract network complexties and transform to highly nimble and elastic software defined networks. We extend our capabilities from commodity to multi-core processers, underpinned by the stability and enhanced security of our NetBSD Operating System, providing a highly attractive proposition for organisations involved with the Cloud, Storage, Data Centres, SDN, HPC and Telecoms and who are striving to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost performance.


Working across a diverse product and services range, the team at Sanctum have an impressive portfolio of product knowledge and expertise, in a broad range of engineering disciplines including multi-core, application development, High Performance Compute (HPC), cloud, SDN and large system integration solutions.

Sanctum Networks Ltd,is privately funded and head quartered in Dublin, Ireland with R&D teams based in Bangalore, India.

Service Provisioning Gateway
Distributed Routing Engine
Cloud Orchestrator
Jupiter is a commercial Network Service provisioning gateway built on openflow standards for enterprise-class scalability. Jupiter provides an abstracted semantically designed user interface that combines with a dynamic network programming model for the underlying data plane element providing a highly deployable SDN platform.These data plane elements could be co-located or geographically distributed across the public cloud. Depending on a service requirement, Jupiter chains and provisions network resources through an unique collaboration between these private and public clouds. This collaboration is facilitated by Jupiter's intergrated DRE(distributed routing engine) and Cloud orchestrator.

Jupiter's USP is its ability to distribute itself as an Virtual SDN controller to localize control points in the network. Built specifically to understand the affinities that exist between Data Centre resources, Jupiter offers an unified user interface that integrates complete work flows from definitions to topology discovery to virtual appliance/application provisioning.

  • Unified user interface for network & cloud orchestration
  • Built for barematel switching platforms and virtulized environments
  • Dynamic routing for L2-L4
  • Specially designed for Web 2.0 onwards
  • High availability
  • Network Programmability for expansive APIs such as SLA & QoS Management, Software defined Storage etc
  • Enhanced IP
  • Support for Multicore architectures and NetBSD

Jupiter can be deployed as a stand alone top of rack appliance or dispatched as a virtual instance.

As the internet world moves towards the era of data explosion and Web 3.0, the need for Semantically controlling flows will soon become the order of the day.

Jupiter, Sanctums Service provisioning gateway is built with the vision to help equip our customers with a more inclusive architecture that can scale from today into the challenges of tomorrow.

Some key issues Jupiter addresses to support the next gen data centres include:

  • BGP/MPLS and L3VPN based Controller for Data Centre Interconnectivity – The MPLS data plane is transformed into an SDN-based control plane and our Network Operating System implements various network control functions including MPLS Traffic Engineering and Virtual Private Networks.
  • SDN Capable Deep Packet Inspection (For SDN Traffic Security)
  • Load Balancing as a dynamic congestion-aware routing - We consider Load Balancing as an integral part of the cloud controller rather than another independent entity, so customers don't have to deploy another independent unit to manage load balancing needs.
  • Flow based approach - We treat each individual request - or a bundle of aggregated requests - as a flow, and decide how to route the flow. The flow could be, for example, a single HTTP request, or it could be all the requests for a particular service. For example, it could choose to send all HTTP requests to one pool of servers, and all video requests to another pool.
  • Packet and Circuit Network Convergence
  • Semantic Web based user interface

Careers at Sanctum

We welcome bright and motivated engineers with a bent to innovate to join us. We also encourage young minds interested in an internship with us to whom we offer excellent opportunity to work with our mature and experienced teams in the field of SDN.

Our current Vacancies are as follows:

Software Engineers

Experience Level :+3 Years.
Programming Languages : Excellent C/C++ And Assembly Language Programming.
Processor Architecture : 64 Bit Architectures like Intel 686, MIPS 64 and Exposure to/Awareness of Any VLIW Architectures.
OS Kernel and Driver Knowledge : Linux/Unix (variants like FreeBSD/NetBSD) Kernel level Knowledge and Programming/testing Exposure to Kernel/Drivers.
Coding Experience in System Virtualization : Exposure to KVM,Xen Or Any other Industry Standard Hypervisor Architecture.

Senior Software Engineers

Experience Level : +6 Years.
Programming Languages : Excellent coding skills in C/C++ and Assembly Language Programming.
Processor Architecture : 64 Bit Architectures like Intel 686, MIPS 64 and Exposure to/Awareness of Any VLIW Architectures.
Operating System Design/Programming Knowledge : Linux/Unix (variants like FreeBSD/NetBSD) Kernel Programming Experience.
Experienced in System Virtualization Architexture Design: Exposure to KVM, Qemu, Xen Or Any other Industry Standard Hypervisor Architecture.
Porting of Linux or BSD OS to any 64 bit Processor Architecture. Proven Track Record in System Architecture, Design and Coding in Kernel as well as Device Driver level.

Test Automation Engineer

Experience Level : 4-5 Years.
Skills : Excellent Knowledge in Test System Setup Experience in Buildbot Setup, test Setup Automation and Scripting Languages (shell and Perl) on any one of the Following Operating systems - Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD Experience in Release Engineering and version Management is desired.

Positions open in Dublin Ireland and Bangalore India. Engineers joining our Irish operation will be expected to travel to India for 2-4 months training.

For more information on any of our vacancies, please email your full CV to

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